Charity Auction for Humane Society of West Alabama

After the recent storms which hit the southeast, animal shelters have been hard hit with the task of caring for and identifying lost and misplaced pets. The authors of the Criminal Minds group blog, an award-winning weekly blog featuring 14 mystery and thriller writers, have joined forces to help those who cannot speak or help themselves. All CM authors have donated SIGNEDcopies of their most recent books for this charity auction.
Again, these are SIGNED COPIES! You will not find this collection of mystery, thriller, and paranormal fiction anywhere else!
Hard Cover
Rock Bottom by Erin Brokovich with C.J. Lyons (signed by C.J. only)
The Curse-Maker by Kelli Stanley
Dead in the Water by Meredith Cole
Murder on the Bride’s Side by Tracy Kiely
Monkology by Gary Phillips
The Last Striptease by Michael Wiley
The Damage Done by Hillary Davidson
A Trace of Smoke by Rebecca Cantrell
iDRAKULA by Bekka Black
Assault with a Deadly Glue Gun by Lois Winston
The Jook by Gary Phillips
Orange County Noir by Gary Phillips
Ghost in the Polka Dot Bikini by Sue Ann Jaffarian
Day One by Bill Cameron
Before Cain Strikes by Joshua Corin
Blood Law by Jeannie Holmes
Black Rain by Graham Brown (not shown in picture)
Black Sun by Graham Brown (not shown in picture)
All proceeds — 100% — will be donated to the Humane Society of West Alabama — a non-profit, all-volunteer, no kill shelter in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Tuscaloosa was one of the cities hardest hit by the tornadoes and storms. The shelter’s facilities were not badly damaged but they are in desperate need of supplies and donations.
Thank you for joining the Criminal Minds to support HSWA and their ongoing animal rescue and storm recovery efforts!

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