Crimson Swan Playlist

I listen to music when I write. No music — no Muse. I’ve complied a play list of all the music I listened to while writing CRIMSON SWAN. Check it out:

Drowning Pool — Sinner (“Bodies” was especially helpful for fight scenes.)
Marilyn Manson — Lest We Forget; Eat Me, Drink Me
HIM — Dark Light
Nine Inch Nails — Pretty Hate Machine
Nickelback — All the Right Reasons; The Long Road
Dixie Chicks — Taking the Long Way (“Not Ready to Make Nice” was extremely good for conflict between Alex and Varik.)
Evanescence — Fallen
Disturbed — The Sickness; Believe
Korn — Greatest Hits; See You on the Other Side
Rob Zombie — Hellbilly Deluxe; Educated Horses; Past, Present, & Future
Godsmack — Godsmack; Awake; Faceless, IV (Lots of angst here so it’s perfect writing music.)
Seether — Disclaimer II; Karma and Effect
Papa Roach — Getting Away with Murder (The influence here should be obvious.)
Isabelle Boulay — Tout un Jour (Sung in French and especially helpful when connecting with Varik.)

There were other random songs, but these albums had the biggest influence over the story.