Supporting a Good Cause: Cure for Diabetes

Every year, bestselling author Brenda Novak sponsors an auction to support finding a cure of diabetes. This year, I’m honored to participate in this worthy cause. As someone who is “recently” diagnosed with Type II Diabetes (I was officially diagnosed in March 2011, so I’ve spent the past year adjusting to this new lifestyle.), this cause is especially dear to me.

For that reason, I’m offering some fabulous items for you, my faithful Minions, to fight over–uh, bid on. Here are my offerings:

For Readers — Signed copies of BLOOD LAW and BLOOD SECRETS
*Two listings are available: Listing 1 and Listing 2

For Writers — Critique of a partial (up to 200 pages!) unpublished manuscript!
* Any genre
* Critique will focus on plot, pacing, and character development
* Manuscripts are due for review no later than August 31, 2012
* Maximum of a two (2) month turn around
* Follow up emails and/or phone call

I rarely offer critiques so this is huge. If you’re looking for feedback on a project, here’s your chance.

Tons of great items from outstanding authors are available. If you’ve never considered bidding on something, please consider it now. Support a great cause and win some seriously awesome stuff.



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