To Be Continued???

First, I’d like to say “Thank you!” to all the readers who have contacted me to say how much they love Alex and Varik. (Please note: I have a strict “no spoilers” policy so if you’ve asked about specific details in future books and haven’t received a reply from me this policy would be why.) Y’all are made of pure unadulterated awesomesauce.

Sadly, I have to report that the Alexandra Sabian series is currently without a publisher.  Naturally, as an author, I’m disappointed and a little frightened to be “homeless,” but I’m not the first to face this problem nor will I be the last.

So what does this mean for Alexandra Sabian Book 3? Selling an established series isn’t the easiest task. I won’t bore you with details but many factors play into a new publisher’s decision to buy or pass. After some serious wailing, gnashing of teeth, head banging, and soul searching, I’ve decided to continue writing Book 3 in the hope that the series will continue. However, the fate of the series remain uncertain, and for that reason I’m also pursuing other projects. (No, I can’t tell you what those projects are at this point. Sorry.)

I’m sure some of you will wonder what you can do. Honestly, the best thing anyone can do for any authors who find themselves “homeless” is to buy their books. Tell your friends to buy the books or buy the books for them as gifts.
I don’t know when I’ll have news to share about the Alex series or new projects but rest assured I’ll gladly pass it along to my readers when the time comes.

Once again, my sincere thanks to everyone who has supported Alex, Varik, Stephen, Tasha, and all the colorful residents of Jefferson, Mississippi. It’s my sincerest wish to see their story continue and can only hope the opportunity will come.

Much love and blood…
Jeannie Holmes


17 Responsesto “To Be Continued???”

  1. Qwill says:

    This makes me sad. :( I had such high hopes for the death of one of your characters. I hope Alex and Varik find a new home!

  2. Paula says:

    I really love this series and will continue to keep high hopes that it will find a home. It just has too, I must know the ending.(my OCD requires

  3. Carole says:

    omg this is so sad. I really hope you can find another publisher soon. I just refound your books after reading blood law (I have a really bad memory for titles) when it first came out.

  4. Danielle says:

    I’m forcing myself to read the end even though I know what is going to happen. I kinda read ahead as I was skimming, I know I’m bad!I totally can’t believe what happens! I hope somehow everything will turn out alright in the end for Alex and Varik! my boyfriend of a year dumped me a couple weeks ago so if my love life sucks their’s has to be happy! Not right away,but gosh I couldn’t bear if the same thing that happens to Alex in the end of book 2 happened to me!

  5. Linda D. says:

    I just read Blood Secrets and pulled up you site to see if there was going to be a book 3 in the series only to find that there is a possibility that the series will end without any real ending. I am distraught at the thought of not finding out whether or not Varik and Alex manage to truly find each other, again; what happens with Tasha and her attempt win against her prick of an ex-husband for the right to be a mother to their daughter; and of course there is Morgan and whatever it is she is up to. I really hope there will be a book 3.

  6. Cindy says:

    Self publish – there is a lot of money to be made in it. Smashwords, Amazon, and even Barnes and Noble have avenues you could explore. Please consider.

  7. Evangeline says:

    I’ve been checking your website for the latest installment and am bummed that book three isn’t available. I agree with Cindy – Self Publish. You have fans. Do an e-book only publication. I’ll buy that. I’ll buy a hard copy (even if you write it on notebook paper). I’ll tweet about book three and facebook it and fly a plane waving a banner with your book’s title (well…not really. I have a day job which means I’ve only got so many peanuts). You’ve got a great series and corporate publishers shouldn’t deprive fans of great fiction. Please keep me posted on book three. Please publish book three. (Does it sound like I’m begging? Yes I am.) I don’t want to have to go to rehab for literary withdrawals. Love your work!

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