Valentine’s Day Contest – Winners

Thanks to all who entered the Valentine’s Day contest! I loved seeing everyone’s favorite sappy love songs…and discovering I’m not the only one who falls for them.┬áBut I know you’re really interested in knowing who won the signed copies of BLOOD LAW & BLOOD SECRETS, so here we go.

Congratulations to…

Ruth T and CraftyHope!

Please email your shipping address to contest AT jkholmes DOT com by 11:59PM, Saturday, February 18.

Thanks, again, and I hope everyone had a fabulous Valentine’s Day!


Valentine’s Day Contest

Today is Day 1 of Office Cleaning/Organization Week, which I’ve been putting off for far too long. To make a long story short, I ran across extra copies of both BLOOD LAW and BLOOD SECRETS. Since I don’t have much use for them outside of making lovely paperweights and since tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d share the love.

So here’s the deal:

1. Leave a comment on this post listing your favorite sappy love song. You know the one’s I mean. The 80′s power ballads. The 70′s peace and love and happy fluffy bunny cloud folk songs. You love ‘em. You hate ‘em. You hate to love ‘em.

2. Contest begins February 13 and ends 12:00AM (midnight) February 15. Winners announced February 16.

3. Two lucky winners will receive signed copies of both BLOOD LAW and BLOOD SECRETS.

4. One entry per person. Winners will be selected at random.

5. Due to the short time frame for this contest, I’m restricting it to US readers only. (Sorry, International Readers! I’ll include you in the next one.)

Have fun and good luck to all!

To Be Continued???

First, I’d like to say “Thank you!” to all the readers who have contacted me to say how much they love Alex and Varik. (Please note: I have a strict “no spoilers” policy so if you’ve asked about specific details in future books and haven’t received a reply from me this policy would be why.) Y’all are made of pure unadulterated awesomesauce.

Sadly, I have to report that the Alexandra Sabian series is currently without a publisher. ┬áNaturally, as an author, I’m disappointed and a little frightened to be “homeless,” but I’m not the first to face this problem nor will I be the last.

So what does this mean for Alexandra Sabian Book 3? Selling an established series isn’t the easiest task. I won’t bore you with details but many factors play into a new publisher’s decision to buy or pass. After some serious wailing, gnashing of teeth, head banging, and soul searching, I’ve decided to continue writing Book 3 in the hope that the series will continue. However, the fate of the series remain uncertain, and for that reason I’m also pursuing other projects. (No, I can’t tell you what those projects are at this point. Sorry.)

I’m sure some of you will wonder what you can do. Honestly, the best thing anyone can do for any authors who find themselves “homeless” is to buy their books. Tell your friends to buy the books or buy the books for them as gifts.
I don’t know when I’ll have news to share about the Alex series or new projects but rest assured I’ll gladly pass it along to my readers when the time comes.

Once again, my sincere thanks to everyone who has supported Alex, Varik, Stephen, Tasha, and all the colorful residents of Jefferson, Mississippi. It’s my sincerest wish to see their story continue and can only hope the opportunity will come.

Much love and blood…
Jeannie Holmes


Ninja Peas: Inside the Pod

Today is the official launch day for INSIDE THE POD: A Look Inside a Working Writers’ Critique Group — a weekly blog in which I’ll be participating along with my fellow authors and critique partners, Michelle Ladner and Alexis Lampley, aka “The Ninja Peas.”

We launch with a brief history of how we came to be critique partners, but more importantly friends who love and support one another through the trials and tribulations of the publishing industry… and who will gladly sacrifice one another during a zombie apocalypse due to highly developed senses of self-preservation.

INSIDE THE POD isn’t a “how to” blog for writers or a “guide” to publishing. Instead, it will focus on how our little band of misfits works together to make each of us the best writers we can be. We’ll also discuss books we’ve read — not reviews but actual discussions — and off a glimpse into the chaotic silliness that comes with our weekly critique meetings.

It’s all in good awesome nerdy fun so be sure to head over to the POD and say “Hi!” to the Ninja Peas.


Cancelled Events

I’ve had to cancel both of my November appearances — CONtraflow in NOLA and the Dahlonega Literary Festival in Dahlonega, GA — due to personal reasons. It saddens me to cancel any event because I really enjoy meeting readers, seeing old friends, and making new ones.

As of right now, I have no public appearances scheduled for the rest of the year. However, I do have a couple of online events in the works.


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