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Olde City, New Blood


I’m sad to say that I’ve been forced to withdraw from this weekend’s Olde City, New Blood conference in St. Augustine due to a family emergency. I apologize to all my readers who were looking forward to catching up with me. (I was looking forward to seeing all of you, too!!)

Bitten By Books interview is on!

My interview with Bitten By Books is now live, and I’m chatting with readers. Have a burning question? Come over and ask — you’ll also be entered to win some cool swag!

Bitten By Books: Interview with Author Jeannie Holmes

Be sure to follow the link below to enter for the swag!

2 Sets of Autographed Books: Blood Law, Blood Secrets, and The Mammoth Book of Ghost Romance


Bitten By Books interview, chat, and contest!

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 19 - I’ll be interviewed by Bitten By Books and chatting with readers. We have some awesome swag to give away to some lucky people: 2 sets of autographed books, including BLOOD LAW, BLOOD SECRETS, and THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF GHOST ROMANCE!

The contest is open to international readers so stop by and say “Hi!”

Follow the link below to RSVP and you’ll earn extra chances to win:

RSVP for Jeannie Holmes at Bitten By Books

Olde City, New Blood: UF/PNR Convention

I’ve recently confirmed my attendance to the OLDE CITY, NEW BLOOD Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance Convention in St. Augustine, Florida. The con will be held February 8-10, 2013, and will feature a gaggle of UF/PNR authors, book bloggers, and readers. This is the inaugural year for OCNB so it should be a lot of fun. Click on the picture link below for more information.

Supporting a Good Cause: Cure for Diabetes

Every year, bestselling author Brenda Novak sponsors an auction to support finding a cure of diabetes. This year, I’m honored to participate in this worthy cause. As someone who is “recently” diagnosed with Type II Diabetes (I was officially diagnosed in March 2011, so I’ve spent the past year adjusting to this new lifestyle.), this cause is especially dear to me.

For that reason, I’m offering some fabulous items for you, my faithful Minions, to fight over–uh, bid on. Here are my offerings:

For Readers — Signed copies of BLOOD LAW and BLOOD SECRETS
*Two listings are available: Listing 1 and Listing 2

For Writers Critique of a partial (up to 200 pages!) unpublished manuscript!
* Any genre
* Critique will focus on plot, pacing, and character development
* Manuscripts are due for review no later than August 31, 2012
* Maximum of a two (2) month turn around
* Follow up emails and/or phone call

I rarely offer critiques so this is huge. If you’re looking for feedback on a project, here’s your chance.

Tons of great items from outstanding authors are available. If you’ve never considered bidding on something, please consider it now. Support a great cause and win some seriously awesome stuff.



2012 Event Schedule

This year I’ve decided to remain close to home so my event schedule is minimal and flexible. At the moment, I only have one appearance scheduled — Daddy’s Girls’ Weekend, April 13-15, Mobile, AL — and a few online events in the works.

Am I becoming a hermit? Am I stricken with some unnatural ailment? Am I secretly a spy for the planet Rcaror 9 and have received the long awaited signal that orders me to steal the lint from everyone’s left pocket so that our beloved Queen Musethy may use it to create a comfortable bed upon which she will spawn a horrible demented race of Jethro Tull-worshipping space zombies?

Not really.

The truth is that I simply want to spend more time at home actually writing and less on the road talking about writing. (Plus that pocket lint isn’t going to collect itself!) Therefore, I’m limiting myself to events/appearances that are within easy driving distance or can be done from the comforts of my writing cocoon.

As always, I’ll update the Events list as they are added to the schedule, and you can always find me Inside the Pod, every Tuesday, with my fellow Ninja Peas, Michelle Ladner and Alexis Lampley.

- Jeannie

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