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The End

Sadly, I have to announce there will not be a third Alex book. Despite best efforts, my agent has been unable to find a publisher to take over the series.

For those who have asked “how can this be,” the facts are simple. Publishing is a numbers game. BLOOD LAW didn’t sell as well as the publisher hoped. The print run for BLOOD SECRETS was smaller but even it didn’t make projected numbers. Gone are the days when a book could sit on store shelves for weeks or even months in order to build an audience. The average lifespan for new books that aren’t written by Top Names and/or have movie deals/rumors buzzing about them is about 3-4 weeks–at best. Unfortunately, this means that if a book/series doesn’t find an audience immediately and sell a predetermined number of books, the series/author is dropped.

Shelf space is limited and publishers and book sellers want to turn profits. New authors are risky. New ideas are risky. Throw in the volatile nature of e-books and the risks are compounded. It’s business. It’s not personal. It’s simply the way things are. It’s no one’s fault. There is no one to blame.

Alex and Varik were a huge part of my life for years before their story was published. I’d be lying if I said I was anything other than devastated to see the series end after two books. However, I’m not the first author to lose a series nor will I be the last. All I can do now is decide how I’m going to move forward. No, I don’t know if there will be a short story or novella to wrap up loose ends. I hope to write an ending at some point but for now, I’m taking a little break from writing. I need time to sort out some things and in a way, say goodbye to Alex and Varik. How will replace them? I don’t know yet.

I enjoyed working with the fabulous editors I had for BLOOD LAW and BLOOD SECRETS, and I learned a helluva a lot from them. I enjoyed meeting many of you and for those I haven’t met in person but have come to know through Facebook, Twitter, and emails, I’ve enjoyed that as well. You’ll always be my Minions, and I’ll always be grateful for the support and love you’ve given to Alex and Varik…and to me.


Bitten By Books interview, chat, and contest!

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 19 - I’ll be interviewed by Bitten By Books and chatting with readers. We have some awesome swag to give away to some lucky people: 2 sets of autographed books, including BLOOD LAW, BLOOD SECRETS, and THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF GHOST ROMANCE!

The contest is open to international readers so stop by and say “Hi!”

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New Anthology!

I’m pleased to announce that I have a short story featured in the upcoming anthology MAMMOTH BOOK OF FUTURISTIC ROMANCE! Love conquers all… including natural disasters and alien invasions in this contemporary fiction collection.

My story, Flying is Faster, takes place on a distance world and details what happens when Ronan Frayne, a human doctor, falls for an alien girl, Dah’Te.

Look for it from Running Press, December 31, 2012.

ISBN-13: 978-0-762-44601-8
ISBN-10: 0-762-44601-3


Mammoth Book of Ghost Romance is out in UK and Kindle!

The UK paperback and Kindle versions of THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF GHOST ROMANCE has been released!

About MBOGR: A wonderful collection of stories of supernatural love by Sharon Shinn, Dru Pagliasotti, Caridad Pineiro, Jennifer Estep, Gwyn Cready, Carolyn Crane, Jeannie Holmes, Anna Campbell, Julia London, Christie Ridgway, Holly Lisle and Liz Maverick. In happy-ever-after endings, ghosts come to life so that lovers can be united in the flesh.

Here is a brief excerpt from my steampunk-inspired fantasy, Seventeen Coppers, in which Ro Vargas is hired to steal a soul but runs into a ghost from her own past:

Warm breath tickled her ear as a body pressed close to her back. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

Ro pulled back from the voice, reaching for the pepperbox revolver at her side.

A firm hand wrapped around her wrist as she spun to face her accuser. Light hazel eyes sparkled with deadly amusement. “Is that any way to treat an old friend?”

Ro eased her stance. “Mason Beck,” she said, as the man who held her smiled. “I thought you were in prison.”

His smile widened to a grin and he inched closer. “I decided an early release was in my best interest.”

“Hmm, I suppose self-release is a subject with which you are quite intimate.”

Mason chuckled. His hand slid from her wrist to her shoulder, making her shiver despite the day’s repressive heat. “My sweet Rosalind.” His roughened fingertips stroked the flesh exposed by her shirt’s collar. His distinctive southern Asthegan drawl colored his words with visions of verdant forests and balmy nights. “That wit of yours will be the key to your undoing.”

Ro retreated a few steps, anxious to slow her racing heart. “Perhaps, but you, sir, won’t be the one doing the undoing.”

Mason followed her until she bumped into the rough-hewn edge of a market stall. He placed one palm on the wall beside her head. Sun-lightened brown hair pooled on his shoulders in soft waves as he leaned forward. His breath made her already warmed cheek all the hotter when he whispered in her ear. “Are you certain of that?”

Ro swallowed the lump in her throat to reply a little too breathlessly, “Quite certain.”

He examined her face. A languid smile tugged at his full lips. He swept a lock of her golden curls over her shoulder and a wicked gleam sparked in his eyes. “A pity, love.”

“Seventeen Coppers” © 2012 by Jeannie Holmes.

The US paperback edition will be released August 7, 2012.

Release Date for Ghost Romance Anthology

A new release date for the MAMMOTH BOOK OF GHOST ROMANCE has been announced!

A wonderful collection of stories of supernatural love by Sharon Shinn, Dru Pagliasotti, Caridad Pineiro, Jennifer Estep, Gwyn Cready, Carolyn Crane, Jeannie Holmes, Anna Campbell, Julia London, Christie Ridgway, Holly Lisle and Liz Maverick. In happy-ever-after endings, ghosts come to life so that lovers can be united in the flesh.

I’m honored to be a part of this incredible anthology and included among such tremendous talent. My short story, Seventeen Coppers, is a steampunk-inspired fantasy romance: Ro Vargas is hired to steal a soul but who will save hers?

Release date: August 7, 2012
Publisher: Running Press
ISBN: 9780762442690
Paperback and e-format

Currently available for pre-order through Barnes & Noble,, and your favorite local indie stores!


To Be Continued???

First, I’d like to say “Thank you!” to all the readers who have contacted me to say how much they love Alex and Varik. (Please note: I have a strict “no spoilers” policy so if you’ve asked about specific details in future books and haven’t received a reply from me this policy would be why.) Y’all are made of pure unadulterated awesomesauce.

Sadly, I have to report that the Alexandra Sabian series is currently without a publisher.  Naturally, as an author, I’m disappointed and a little frightened to be “homeless,” but I’m not the first to face this problem nor will I be the last.

So what does this mean for Alexandra Sabian Book 3? Selling an established series isn’t the easiest task. I won’t bore you with details but many factors play into a new publisher’s decision to buy or pass. After some serious wailing, gnashing of teeth, head banging, and soul searching, I’ve decided to continue writing Book 3 in the hope that the series will continue. However, the fate of the series remain uncertain, and for that reason I’m also pursuing other projects. (No, I can’t tell you what those projects are at this point. Sorry.)

I’m sure some of you will wonder what you can do. Honestly, the best thing anyone can do for any authors who find themselves “homeless” is to buy their books. Tell your friends to buy the books or buy the books for them as gifts.
I don’t know when I’ll have news to share about the Alex series or new projects but rest assured I’ll gladly pass it along to my readers when the time comes.

Once again, my sincere thanks to everyone who has supported Alex, Varik, Stephen, Tasha, and all the colorful residents of Jefferson, Mississippi. It’s my sincerest wish to see their story continue and can only hope the opportunity will come.

Much love and blood…
Jeannie Holmes


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