Ninja Peas: Inside the Pod

Today is the official launch day for INSIDE THE POD: A Look Inside a Working Writers’ Critique Group — a weekly blog in which I’ll be participating along with my fellow authors and critique partners, Michelle Ladner and Alexis Lampley, aka “The Ninja Peas.”

We launch with a brief history of how we came to be critique partners, but more importantly friends who love and support one another through the trials and tribulations of the publishing industry… and who will gladly sacrifice one another during a zombie apocalypse due to highly developed senses of self-preservation.

INSIDE THE POD isn’t a “how to” blog for writers or a “guide” to publishing. Instead, it will focus on how our little band of misfits works together to make each of us the best writers we can be. We’ll also discuss books we’ve read — not reviews but actual discussions — and off a glimpse into the chaotic silliness that comes with our weekly critique meetings.

It’s all in good awesome nerdy fun so be sure to head over to the POD and say “Hi!” to the Ninja Peas.


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