Cover Art Contest

Love the cover for BLOOD LAW? How about BLOOD SECRETS?

Here’s your chance to own both! No, not as books. Not even cover flats. No, one very lucky winner is will receive these:

Posters -- Alexandra Sabian series

Yes, those are POSTERS of the covers for BLOOD LAW and BLOOD SECRETS and both are signed by me! Each measures approximately 11 in. by 17  in. and are suitable for framing. (There is a slight difference in the height due to printing but it does not affect the artwork.) I only have two of these available so whoever gets them will have the only pair in existence — other than the two I own.

So how do you enter to when these lovely posters? Easy…

1. Leave a comment on this post — NO EMAILS IN POSTS, PLEASE. That’s it. Just a comment. (Just keep it clean.)

2. Contest begins June 13 and ends MIDNIGHT (CT) June 27. Winner will be announced HERE June 28, so check back.

3. Winner will be chosen at random.

4. Winner will receive BOTH posters.

5. Contest is open to international participants.


See below for individual pics of each poster:

25 Responsesto “Cover Art Contest”

  1. Good luck to everyone who enters. I hope you win and not me. (Not really, I hope the reverse, in fact. :) )

  2. Frank Bolton says:

    Jeannie: I’m really looking forward to reading Blood Secrets. You’ve added some unique twists and turns to readers’ visions of vampires with your imaginative insight. Thank you for expanding our imaginations with the images you paint so wonderfully with words. – Frank

  3. Debi Murray says:

    Oh! Now that is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Jeannie, I do have some wall space left in my office….just to the left of my True Blood shadowbox collection.

  4. Heather says:

    I can’t wait to read Blood Secrets. :)

  5. ruth says:

    The poster would be a welcome addition to my very blank walls.
    Good Luck everyone!

  6. Tez Miller says:

    Thanks for making the contest international, Kind One :-)

  7. Theresa B. says:

    They will have a very special place in MY library! Can I have the chair too? ;-D

  8. Deathlynx says:

    Gorgeous, both of them!

  9. Skitty says:

    Oh, Shiny!! So looking forward to Blood Secrets. And the artwork on your covers is just awesomesauce!!!

  10. Jessica S. says:

    Wicked awesome!!! Would love to have posters of the book covers!

  11. Delilah says:

    Both are beautiful covers – but Blood Law is much more interesting. I love the perspective the photographer used on the model.

    Can’t wait to read what is next in the series!

  12. Vampyre says:

    Ok I am ready to win. Wall space is cleared!


  13. Chsnutmare says:

    As a new Fan, having just read Blood Law, I ran to find your website ready to cry at having to wait months for the next one only to find out its a mere couple of weeks away !! *dances in her chair* Yay ! Those posters are amazing and I wish everyone the best of luck.
    *keeps her fingers crossed*

    • admin says:

      Hi! I’m glad you enjoyed Blood Law and are looking forward to Blood Secrets. The wait is nearly over! :)


  14. Calliope says:

    Oh, awesome contest! Ever since I finished BLOOD LAW last summer and foolishly read the excerpt for BLOOD SECRETS the suspense has been killing me waiting for its release. I’m thrilled it’s FINALLY almost here!

  15. Raven says:

    Oooo, shiny!
    Gorgeous! Uber-speshal.

    Me want.

  16. Antonio Marchena says:

    Yo los quiero!

    I want to have them! They will look sooooo good on my office wall…

  17. Now THAT is awfully neat. I must enter to win these


  18. Timur says:

    Wow, this certainly looks interesting. Good luck to all, and I look forward to start reading these two new books that just happened to pop onto my current reading list.

  19. Carey says:

    Just finished reread of Blood Law and now I really can’t wait for Blood Secrets. I completely forgot the first chapt. was at the end of the book. Thanks!

  20. Sharon AuBuchon says:

    I have two daughters with red hair so I hope that brings good karma my way. Thank you for the opportunity!!

  21. Cheryl Bolton says:

    Great posters! Can’t wait to read new book!

  22. Kezbin says:

    Yaaay I LOVE posters!

  23. RK Charron says:

    Just in under the wire!

    I *loves* the covers!

    Kudos to Craig White & Jae Song.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win these Jeannie!

    All the best,

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