Updated CONvergence Panels

The RT Booklovers Convention was a huge success and more fun than I could shake a stick at! I’ll have a full report once I’m fully conscious and have finished sorting through all the photos.

While you’re waiting for my riveting RT report, feast your eyes on my updated schedule for CONvergence (Sheraton Bloomington Hotel, Bloomington, MN — July 1-4):

Thursday, July 1

8:30 PM — Psychology of Criminals

Location: Atrium 4

About: Many SF/Fantasy villains are portrayed as just plain evil, but in reality there is a deeper psychology behind criminal behavior that is not explored outside crime novels. Is criminial Psycholyg ever effectively explored in genre characters?

Panelists: Christoforo Pasquarette, MontiLee Stormer, Jeannie Holmes, Sherry L.M. Merriam, Dana Baird

Friday, July 2

5:00 PM — Jeannie Holmes and Joel Arnold signing

Location: Autograph Table

About: Jeannie Holmes and Joel Arnold will be available to sign their work.

7:00 PM — Bad Boys Are Cuter!

Location: Atrium 4

About: Why are we attracted to the bad ones? Batman, Darth Vader, Dracula, Wolverine. Good guys or bad guys, why are the dark brooding one so damn sexy?

Panelists: Amada Marquez, Tracie Peters, Jeannie Holmes, L.A. Banks, James Turnbull

10:00 PM — Jeannie Holmes Reading

Location: Vista Suite

About: Jeannie Holmes reads from her newly released novel “Blood Law” and other works.

Saturday, July 3

11:00 AM — How to Create a Good Villain

Location: Bloomington

About: What makes a villain stand out from all the others? How do you write a villain like Dracula or Marissa Coulter and not one like any number of villains we can’t remember to use as an example.

Panelists: R. Scott McCoy, Jeannie Holmes, S.D. Hintz, Christoforo Pasquarette

Sunday, July 4

2:00 PM — Super Sparkly Fangalicious Necromatic Notions!

Location: Bloomington

About: No, it’s not on Broadway yet. The evolution of the vampire in modern fiction from sexual liberator to fuzzy love bunny. Fang bangers unite!

Panelists: L.A. Banks, Tangee Harrison, Jeannie Holmes, Nick Larson, Dayna Jean Wolter

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