Author Scavenger Hunt

I’ll be attending the RT BookLovers Convention in Columbus, OH this year. (Yay!) I’ll be running a special contest the week of the convention, the Author Scavenger Hunt Twitter Contest. It’s part scavenger hunt and part social media interaction. Here’s how to play:

1. Follow me, JeannieHolmes, on Twitter.

2. Every day I will announce the start of “The Hunt” and post clues regarding my location along with a special code word and time limit for finding me.

3. The first person to find me and say the code word wins a Super Special Sekret Prize.

4. Contest is open to RT attendees only.

5. You must follow me on Twitter to find the clues.

6. Times and locations will be random. Multiple “Hunts” during a single day are possible.

7. Opening day of “The Hunt” will be April 28, 2010 and closing day will be May 2, 2010.

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