Mama Drama and Emotional Dodgeball

It’s been a long, rough week and I’m exhausted — physically, mentally, and emotionally. Here’s why:

On Friday, November 27, my mother fell (who is seventy-seven, by the way) and broke three ribs. Thankfully she did not injure her hip, screw up the artificial knee replacement or shoulder surgery she had a few years ago, nor did she hit her head. The broken ribs did not puncture or injure any vital organs. She simply has large bruises on her side and hip and, of course, the ribs.

I, along with Mark, drove to Mississippi that same night, and I stayed with Mom for the week. Needless to say, I didn’t get much writing done while I was caring for her, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, taking Mom to the doctor for follow-up visits from the emergency room, etc. However, the sacrifice is paying off because Mom is recovering very well and is now able to stay by herself for the most part. My siblings are checking on her frequently throughout the day and there is never anyone too far away should she need assistance.

But, as often happens, life threw the family another undodgeable ball. The younger brother of one of my brothers-in-law was killed in an auto accident Saturday night just a few miles from my mother’s house. It was late at night and the roads were slick from a rare snow fall in southwestern Mississippi. Jason was only a year or so older than me and we’d grown up together. His family lived “across the woods” from mine when we were growing up, and our families spent many summers enjoying one another’s company. Aside from being my brother-in-law’s brother, he and I had been childhood friends and although our lives had taken us in different directions, he was still a part of our extended family. My heart breaks for everyone who lost a son, brother, uncle, and friend on Saturday night. Jason will be missed.

However, on a happier note, I get to spend the next week at home with Mark and my kitties before having to return to Mississippi for my oldest niece’s wedding. It’s hard to believe she’s even old enough to get married, but she is. It seems like only yesterday she was scrunching up her nose and pronouncing “noodle” as “noonle” and being obsessive about Barbie. Oh, how time flies.

Speaking of how time flies, there will soon be a new addition to my family…other than the nephew-in-law I’ll gain next week. My third nephew and his wife are expecting their first child any day now. My first great…whatever. I love being an aunt. I get to spoil ‘em and run…and since I live in another state, I get plenty of mileage out of the spoiling and the running.

Now, as for news on BLOOD LAW, there has been some new developments. My wonderful editor, Danielle Perez, is leaving Random House to take an executive editor position at NAL/Penguin. While I’m sad to see her leave before BLOOD LAW is released, I wish her the best of luck in her new venture. She’s an awesome editor and I’ve learned a lot from working with her. She’ll be missed but I’m also excited about working with my new editor, Shauna Summers. Because of all the “Mama Drama” that’s been going on with me lately, Shauna and I haven’t had an opportunity to chat yet, but I’m sure we will soon enough. I’m really looking forward to getting to know her and working with her.

Also, another new development: As of December 7, (today) I’ll be joining the Criminal Minds group blog as a regular contributor. I was invited to join by the wonderful Kelli Stanley and since as how that entire group of authors simply rocks, I couldn’t say no. I’ll be making my inaugural post shortly on the subject of “Have you ever worried about your family’s reaction to a scene you wrote?” Short answer: Hell yeah. Long answer: You’ll have to read it on Criminal Minds. ;)

And mark your calendars! By now you should know that BLOOD LAW is scheduled for release June 22, 2010. However, you may not be aware that on June 23, 2010, I will be having a virtual book launch party at Bitten by Books! There will be prizes, Q&A, and mass hysteria. I’ll post more details as they become available, but mark your calendars now so you don’t forget. (And if someone could make certain to remind me a few days in advance that would be great because I’ll probably be a quivering pile of babbling goo on June 22.)

I think that covers all the updates I have for now. Be sure to check Criminal Minds later and then come back here for instructions in a new extreme sport that I and a couple of friends invited. You won’t want to miss it. ;)


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