Lifeless Eyes Tour 2009

J.K.: July is fast approaching, which means I’ll be returning to the road for the second leg of the “Lifeless Eyes Tour” to promote CRIMSON SWAN. First stop will be in Bloomington (Minneapolis/St. Paul), Minnesota and CONvergence. Here’s Melpomene the Muse of Tragedy with an update. Take it away, Mel!

Mel: Thank you, J. K., for that marvelous introduction…such as it was.

J. K.: What’s that supposed to mean?

Mel: You’ve could a done a better job of setting me up.

J. K.: I thought it was good.

Mel: Eh…

J. K.: Okay, fine. *sigh* Straight from ancient Greece and slicker than olive oil, please welcome Melpomene, the Muse of Tragedy, with an important Lifeless Eyes Tour update. Hit it, Mel!

Mel: “Slicker than olive oil?” WTF, J. K.?

J. K.: It’s supposed to be funny.

Mel: Inspired by my sister, Thalia the Muse of Comedy, you ain’t.

J. K.: Will you just get on with it?

Mel: With what?

J. K.: The tour update!

Mel: Ask nicely.

J. K.: Aargh!

Mel: Close enough. *clears throat* As J. K. said, July is fast approaching and there have been some new developments in the Lifeless Eyes Tour agenda. First being a tentative schedule has been announced for CONvergence, as J. K. mentioned. Here is said schedule — keep in mind, all listings are subject to change — reflecting the panels in which J. K. will participate:

Thursday, July 2Southern-Fried Vampires: A discussion of the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris and the True Blood HBO series based on them.

Friday, July 3Writing Craft: Creatures and Characters: Writing the human and inhuman in a believable way is tough. Should the story be from the point of view of the Vampire or their significant other? What makes people love or hate a character or creature?

Writing Craft: Worlds and the Creatures Within: How do you create a world with depth and reality apart from our own? Not just magic and tech but creatures and people that populate the place as well.

Saturday, July 4Honestly, It’s for Reference!: Do you feel ashamed stalking the hallways of Toys R Us for that elusive Star Wars figure? Do you display your action figure collection in your house? How do you justify these purchases and more importantly, how do you display and maintain them?

Genre Blender: Blending genre elements or staying within the lines.

Open Fiction Writing Workshop: Visit CONvergence Workshop News for more details.

Sunday, July 5Distractions and the Creative Process: Writing with a new child in the house, or just too many old ones. Keeping your focus where there are too many distractions to count.

Whew! Looks like you’re going to be super busy that weekend, J. K.

J. K.: Yep. Just the way I like it. The following week will find me in New York for the second leg of the Lifeless Eyes Tour and ThrillerFest 2009. Do we have info on TF’s schedule, Mel?

Mel: The schedule for ThrillerFest is being finalized. We should have an update on it shortly.

J. K.: Wonderful! Any further news?

Mel: The third leg of the tour — the Romance Writers of America National Conference — is looking a little shaky at this point. We may have to amputate this one, J. K., but we’ll know more by the end of the week if we can save it.

J. K.: You just had to draw out the medical/surgical references for that one, didn’t you?

Mel: You know me. I’ll milk a metaphor until nothing remains but the dried-out skeleton.

J. K.: You’re sick.

Mel: Am not.

J. K.: Are too.

Mel: Insulting your assigned Muse carries stiff penalties. I’d watch my step, if I were you, especially since you’re working on Book 2.

J. K.: Have I told you lately how much I hate you?

Mel: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Heard it before. Don’t really care.

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