CONvergence Fiction Workshop

My next big conference event will be CONvergence in Bloomington, Minnesota — July 2-5. I’ve been working with the organizers to create a fiction writing workshop for the con. The announcement and details were posted on the CONvergence website this past Saturday. Check it out…

Open Fiction Writing Workshop [2.5 hrs]

Workshop includes:

  • Closed critique session by instructor: The first 10-15 people to register will receive personal critiques of their work and will attend this session. Jeannie will critique one short story (approx. 4,000 words or less) or the first chapter and synopsis of a novel (synopsis usually 5 pages long). This critique includes a written summary as well as discussion during the group session. [1 hour]
  • Open writing exercises for beginner writers on how to get started [45 minutes]
  • Open writing exercises for advanced writers focused on plotting, characterization, etc. [45 minutes]
  • Q&A session by the instructor: Open to all [45 minutes]

Deadline to register is May 1, 2009.

Click here for full info on CONvergence, con programming, and workshops.

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