ImagiCon Panels

I’m busy wrapping up edits on CRIMSON SWAN this week, but I wanted to pass along the panel info for ImagiCon (March 27-29 — Birmingham, AL). Check it out… Can it get much cooler than this?

Publishing & Self-Publishing — MB Weston, Van Allen Plexico, Christina Barber, Jeannie Holmes, Sean Patrick Fannon

Character Development — MB Weston, Christina Barber, Jeannie Holmes, Sherrilyn Kenyon (Yes, the Sherrilyn Kenyon of the Dark Hunter series fame), William Drinkard, The Wandering Men

Urban Fantasy — Christina Barber, Marna Martin, Moira Rogers, Jeannie Holmes, Jeremy Lewis, The Wandering Men

Goblins, Monsters, and Zombies! — Sherrilyn Kenyon, Christina Barber, MB Weston, Allan F. Gilbreath, Jeannie Holmes, Jeremy Lewis

Mentoring a Young Author — Jeremy Lewis, Jeannie Holmes, William Drinkard, Shelly Li

Making Make Believe Believable — MB Weston, Shelly Li, Christina Barber, Jeannie Holmes, Sherrilyn Kenyon, William Drinkard

Writing Workshop — All attending author guests

That’s my panel schedule for ImagiCon and I’ll also be doing a reading. There are plenty of other panels and discussions with lots of talented authors. It’s going to be a helluva lot of fun!

For now, I have work to do. Evil plots don’t plan themselves, ya know.

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