ThrillerFest 2009 Blog

I have a new blog!

Well, okay, it’s not really mine, but I’m a contributor. As part of the advanced promotional work for ThrillerFest (July 8-11 in New York), a bunch of us from International Thriller Writers have banded together for a blog celebrating all things thriller-y.

ThrillerFest is a conference that is near and dear to my heart, and ITW has become a second family for me, especially my fellow debut authors. So, when the call went out for volunteers to fill the TF Promotional Committee, I signed up. It’s been a lot of fun working to bring this new blog to fruition, and I’m honored to be a part of it.

Therefore, when I was asked to kick off the project with an inaugural post, I jumped on it with both feet. Interested in seeing the results? Check it out at –

Be sure to scroll down the page, past the welcome message, to see my special Valentine’s Day posting regarding ThrillerFest.

(Psst…just between us, it involves a naked guy, and it’s not Mark. I’ll say no more.)


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