Tentative Tour Schedule 2009

I’ve compiled a tentative list of conferences I’ll be attending for next year. CRIMSON SWAN is slated for release sometime next fall (Fall 2009) so I’m trying to get my ducks in a row in advance. Ducks? Maybe I should make that “swans in a row.” Either way, here is a very tentative schedule for next year.

As of August 20, 2008, none have been confirmed, but I will be confirming dates over the next few weeks (or months for the later events). I’ve included links to events so feel free to check them out by clicking on the date and name of the event for more information. As always, all dates are subject to change:

March 20-22 – CoastCon XXII
Biloxi, MS

April 22-25 – Romantic Times Booklovers Convention
Orlando, FL

May 15-17 – MobiCon XII
Mobile, AL

July 8-11 – ThrillerFest
New York, NY

July 15-18 – Romance Writers of America
Washington, DC

July 23-26 – Comic-Con
San Diego, CA
(If I completely lose my mind and decide to try for a third conference in July, I’ll aim for Comic-Con. However, don’t hold your breath waiting for it to happen. Three huge conferences in three weeks? I’d have to be totally and irreversibly insane. Some would argue that I already am. Therefore, I list this one under the category of “extreme long shot.”)

(Labor Day weekend) – Dragon*Con
Atlanta, GA
(Official dates for Dragon*Con 2009 haven’t been announced, but the con is held annually on Labor Day weekend. I’ll update this as soon as I have exact dates.)

Oct. 15-18 – BoucherCon
Indianapolis, IN

That’s the schedule for the moment. As I said, it’s subject to change. Some will disappear. Others may be added. I’ll keep you posted.

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